Web sites, mailing lists, and articles available online for laminitis:


Safer Grass: A Web site by Katy Watts with a lot of information for both the owner and the veterinarian on laminitis and insulin resistance in horses. Excellent site.

HorseShoes.com Laminitis and Founder articles: Wealth of information on this farriery site.

Hoof Project: The Hoof Project (HP) is an electronic journal that is focused on the foot of the horse. The HP seeks to be both an educational and a reference resource for educated horsemen and equine professionals who have an interest in learning more about the foot of the horse. Subscription site.

Laminitis Myths: Debunking myths about laminitis (from a Horse & Rider article)

Understanding Founder in Horses: A veterinarian explains laminitis, a serious hoof condition commonly known as founder, in simple terms — how and why it happens and what it means to you and your horse. By Joyce Harman, DVM, with Kip Goldreyer. This article apeared in the August 2002 issue of Practical Horseman.

Holistic Help for Horses with Laminitis: Virginia-based veterinarian Joyce Harman, who uses traditional veterinary medicine plus acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, and other alternatives to treat a wide array of patients, explains what you can do to help if your horse founders. From the August 2002 issue of Practical Horseman.


Equine Nutrition: Articile from EquiSearch.com about equine nutrition, including descriptions about how the horse’s digestive system works, the latest feeding recommendations, and more.

Fructan in Foods: Sugars in grass and how horses metabolise them.

Magazine articles

"Danger in the Grass" in the April 2004 issue of EQUUS magazine. Talks about how an over-abundance of fructans in grass may be related to an increased occurrance of laminitis.

"A Case of Insulin Resistance" by Susan Kauffman in the January 2005 issue of EQUUS magazine, page 29. How a common but litte-known condition similar to Type II dibetes triggered a painful and frustrating episode of laminitis. Excellent reading and background material. This issue is available on the stands now. Highly recommended.

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