Let’s say that you have a pool of energy to draw from to complete all of your daily tasks. Having a certain level of stress or worry is like having a small leak in that bucket so some things — like writing more blog posts — don’t happen as often.

Kasane’s treatment for her proximal suspensory injury has been worrying me a lot. It is all a waiting game. Maybe she will heal and return to a normal level of work, or she may not. The injury may never heal properly. Either way, we’ll still be able to do stuff (just what “stuff” is, depends).

This injury happened right when we were at the cusp of going to our first show. We were making great progress and then thing started not quite feeling right when we rode. Even some of the people at the barn didn’t see Kasane being off the way I did.

I lost so much riding time and momentum on Isis because of her medical issues. Kasane wasn’t supposed to go through those same kinds of things. Isis had laminitis concurrent with a sprained tendon two years in a row — we effectively lost almost three years because of those injuries. And then the colic surgery, EPM, and all of the repercussions of her metabolic syndrome issues. I didn’t breed Isis because I didn’t want to put a foal through what she had gone through.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude. I’m doing everything I can to help her, within reason. Yay for medical insurance that helps reimburse about 50% of the costs of covered procedures. We have a 40% chance of returning to the level of work we were at prior to the injury. Hopefully, we’ll increase those odds by doing everything that we can to help support Kasane during her healing and after.

Some days the weight and worry of what might or might not happen to her feels overwhelming. It’s hard to stay positive when you want so badly for everything to just be okay with her.

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