And here it is several weeks since my last post. It has been very busy, and as always, my life has centered around work and horses.

Rajiyyah has continued to fill out and looks very good now. She is at a good weight and her feet are coming back to the appropriate angles. The farrier will be out today to do her feet. Her front feet are mostly at the correct angle now. With any luck, this trim will correct her back feet. If it does, we’ll be able to start riding her again. I’m really looking forward to that.

She has been settling in well. Today when I worked her she was full of herself. The weather here has been mild. It’s felt more like April than late January. Normally the weatherman presents warnings for ice and snow, not short-sleeve temperatures. It’s a strange feeling to be out and sweating in winter.

Rajiyyah agreed that it was warm. She felt good. She kicked up her heels for about 15 minutes before we were able to get some real work done. Boy she looked pretty though. We settled in to a nice workout with some walk, trot, whoa commands and more in-hand work. She has a lot of training and this basic ground work helps me learn what she knows.

We’re having fun. She is a super sweet mare and is learning that her step-Mom isn’t too bad. She knickers at me when she sees me.

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