Ever since Isis’ choking episode in November, I have been thinking about wanting to ride Kasane. I love riding Isis, but she can’t be stressed. (If she is stressed, it is possible that she will exhibit similar symptoms to when she had her EPM episode last summer. These symptoms will persist in some form until her nerves are fully healed. The vet said that it can take one to five years for nerves to fully heal… so low or no stress for Isis at least for a year.) So if I want to do clinics, then I need to take Kasane. Which means she needs to be under saddle.

I’ve been working with her as much as I can, mostly on the weekends. She has settled down so much now that she is almost four: she can focus and she has mellowed. I worked her for the first time with the dressage saddle on her back. No bucking, no nothing. She kept glancing around behind her at the canter, as if she caught glimpses of the stirrup irons flapping.

When we were done lunging, I showed her the bit and put it on her. Second time she has ever had it on. First time with it on her for more than a few seconds.

My little girl is growing up. 🙂 It won’t be long now before I’m on her.

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