Yesterday, Kasane’s hocks were swollen: soft swelling like too much joint fluid. My vet said that if we found any swelling, to contact her immediately. She came out 30 minutes after I sent her pictures of Kasane’s hocks.

The result from the vet visit is that Kasane has had a reaction to the joint injection in both hocks, worse in the back left then the right. The vet had to drain the extra fluid from Kasane’s joints. The fluid came streaming out when the needle was inserted. Poor girl. Her joints must have been under such pressure from that extra fluid. I”ve never seen anything like that.

Today, her joints were worse so Kasane is on her way to the hospital where she will be carefully monitored and will have her hocks lavaged (basically drained of fluid and flushed) once or twice per day for a few days. My vet is going to run some tests on the joint fluid and we will see where are. 

Once again, I’m thankful that Kasane has insurance. 

I don’t know what will happen with all of this. Kasane’s reaction could leave her with additional joint damage. And there is nothing I can do but wait and see. That seems like it’s been her lot in recent years. We do everything we can to help her and sometimes her body says, nope, not that. 

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