Today, Kasane had her first ride in the big ring. I warmed her up in the round pen as usual, and then, while on her, opened the gate and rode to the big ring. She hesitated when stepping out the gate, as it some magical line had been crossed. She walked to the ring walking with a little hesitation.

Everything is different with me on her and not next to her. Things she wouldn’t normally care about she has to stop and investigate. Walking over poles is strange. Piles of shavings have monsters lurking underneath so she has to stop, sniff, and paw at them.

So how did she react to being in the big ring with other horses in adjoining paddocks? Absolutely no reaction. She was perfect.

I tried to push her into a trot and didn’t quite succeed. She did a faster walk, though, so we’re getting there. She is getting the idea of moving off of my leg.

She is so cool with some of the cues. To whoa, I tilt my hips back a little. She stops immediately. She listens listens and is interested in things that are going on around her. When we ride, she walks with a relaxed gait. Such a delight to play with her.

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