Wow. Two and a half hours worth of trail riding with 10 other horses and the Bay Wonder Mare Junior was amazing. I dismounted and mounted about four times. We went through our first water obstacle (BIG creek: wide but not deep), dealt with several bridges, water along side the trail, deer, and no-see-ums. The worst thing she did was do a four-footed jump and rush forward a few strides when the wind kicked in right when I was putting my foot back in the stirrup. She snorted more at the end of the ride when we rode up to the horse trailers than she had on the ride itself.

I’ll write more later. I’m heading off to gaming tonight but I had to share how absolutely astounded I am that a mare whose been ridden less than 15 times could handle such a long outting.

I’ll have pictures to post as soon as some of the other ladies send me some. I wasn’t about to try and take pictures.

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