Kasane is finally home. She came home a few days earlier than expected and she is immediately settling in. She is so happy to be here. Not as happy as I am to have her home. 

Now begins the recovery process: stall rest followed by small paddock turnout followed by more small paddock turnout. Eventually, in-hand walking, followed by light riding and a very gradual return to work. Because of the heavy-duty antibioitcs she’s been on, she will also get Ulcer Gard to minimize any gastric upset. We’re also going to do another loading dose of Adequan to help her joints. I’m going to investigate other joint supplements for her. It’s time to get the really effective ones in her system. 

We have to keep an eye on her hocks. If there is extra synovial fluid, that is okay. They may look a little puffy. Nothing to worry about so long as the swelling is mild, remains soft, and is not accompanied by lameness. 

No more joint injections. Ever. 

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