Kasane’s lameness from her shoulder injury is almost completely gone. She is moving so much better. You can still see a little bit of an off movement on her front right but only barely. It’s hard to tell if that is her shoulder or if it is a lef over from her perpetual lameness when lunged from the suspensory ligament injury in 2016.

I took this video today and sent it to my vet. She gave me the approval to start Kasane under saddle again. Yay! Back to riding! We are starting with about 15 minutes of walk and will add 5 minutes every ride or every other ride. When she feels stable with that, I’ll add in some walk. It may be a week or a few weeks. We’ll take it slow and she’ll do great. She’s got this leg recovery thing down.

I do miss lunging her. She is so good at it.

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