Just as I walked into the barn today, Kasane managed to get cast against the stall wall. Seriously cast—as in, she couldn’t push herself away from the wall to get up. She was on her left side against the stall wall partition with her front legs tucked underneath her. She kicked out with her back legs—and took out most of the boards in the stall wall.

She managed to cut up her back legs, thankfully most of them were only surface cuts. The worst one was the three inch cut cut high on the inside of her back right leg. It looked like it might need stitches.

The other two long cuts were on either side of her back left on both sides of the cannon bone. These were not major, just fur scraped off in six inch stripes.

The vet came out for an emergency vet call. No stitches needed on the deep cut and no residual splinters from the wall either. The cuts has to be washed several times per day with Vetricyn. The deeper wound has to be treated with triple antibiotic ointment. She’ll be on antibiotics for five days.

I’m glad it turned out to be nothing serious. But darn. If it isn’t one thing, it’s something else.

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