Last weekend the weather was gorgeous and Isis, who has trouble dealing with the heat, was feeling frisky. I free lunged her in the big ring and after a few minutes, the tail came up and she started snorting. The snort, the prance, and the bounce in her step all show how good she was feeling.

This is the bay mare that takes my breath away. Miss Charisma sure that she is the center of the universe (and she is — my universe at least). Not bad for a mare who has had EPM, laminitis twice, two sprained tendons, and colic surgery.

I’ve never had a horse like Isis: one who I think something and she does it. If I am in the barn, I stand next to her stall door away from the other horses (otherwise she pins her ears and shakes her head at the horse next door). She usually puts her head out and presses her cheek against mine (and then nudges my head with her lip).

We’ve had our scares. There have been three times when I wasn’t sure if she would be around for another day. So far, every time she has fought her way back to health (twice the vets used “miracle” to describe her recoveries).

Having been through almost losing her, every day she feels well and is out there prancing and dancing is a reason to celebrate. She is an absolute joy in my life.

Keep on going, Bay Wonder Mare(tm).

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