Last night Isis had a bad day. The weather has been cool and milder, but she was still sweaty. She looked down and not perky when I brought her to the ring. She stumbled with her back legs on the walk from the barn to the ring. She was stiff, dragged her back hooves along the ground, and not moving well when I free lunged her.

I put the saddle on her and got on and asked her to back. She did not back easily. I dismounted and asked her again from the ground. When I ask Isis to back, normally it’s a fast, smooth movement with a very light cue. When I tried to back her up, she had trouble placing her front left leg. She was hesitant in her foot placement and did not move backwards smoothly. After a step or two, she would step towards the left instead of backing straight. She did the same odd movement every time I asked her to back.

She just wan’t *right* tonight.

I don’t know that this is the beginnings of another EPM episode. Part of me suspects it is because there have been other issues this year with her. Part of me hopes it isn’t. If it is a new episode, she may or may not exhibit the same symptoms she had last time.

I spent a good bit of the evening with her. She has rain rot, a bacterial skin issue that can cause painful scabs and swelling. She has it on all four legs, which could account for her being off tonight. I am hoping that is it. Any way, I cleaned off her legs with medicated shampoo, dried them off, and put ointment every where.

I fret over Isis. I watch everything about her religiously. I’ve had this sinking feeling in my gut that something isn’t right. Mostly since June after Horse Camp. Tonight was the worse I’ve seen her in a while.

So… I’m not going to ride her for a few days. I’m going to lunge her and watch the crud on her legs. Once it’s healed, if she isn’t moving better, then I’ll call the vet.

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