This post provides a table of contents and timeline for everything that happened with Isis while she had EPM in 2011. It’s not been an easy journey, but I am so glad that she had a few great days. I got my girl back before she left for good.

Previous EPM history

Isis was first diagnosed with EPM in June 2009. She had an acute onset with atypical symptoms: moderate ataxia (loss of coordination), blindness, and deafness. She didn’t know me, and I had had her since the day she was born. She was admitted to the hospital and seemed to recover on her own. After four days, she came home, sight and hearing in tact and most of her coordination back. We did a month treatment of Marquis and she responded very well.

Date Description Result
5/22/2009 Lameness exam Isis was weaker on her right side and was dragging her back toes. A lameness exam by the vet showed possible beginnings of arthritis in her hocks.
6/24/2009 Initial EPM episode Summary of Isis’ EPM episode from June 2009 including symptoms and hospitalization.
6/24/2009 Update from vet visit Next steps on how Isis’ case would be treated.
6/27/2009 Marquis EPM treatment started Initial treatment for EPM started. Isis responded very well to it.
11/28/2009 Choking episode Isis had a mild chocking episode. The stress caused her to exhibit some of the same symptoms she had with EPM (indicates her nerves hadn’t fully healed yet).

Summer 2011 EPM history

Once Isis was diagnosed with EPM, my vet and I decided to try Isis on the 10-day treatment for EPM of Oroquin-10. This new treatment is available from Pathogenes, a company in Florida.

Isis’ test results from the Peptide-Elise SAG test showed that she had positive titers for SAG 1 (20), SAG 5 (20), SAG 6 (40).

Date Description Result
3/31/2011 EPM redux? Isis had a bad day in March where she seemed confused and didn’t want to be lead. We gave her some banamine and she recovered in 24 hours.
4/1/2011 Update – not EPM? After talking with the vet, we thought maybe Isis had not had anything related to EPM. I’m including the post because of what happened later this summer.
8/25/2011 First really bad day Began to suspect Isis might be having another EPM episode
9/6/2011 Researched EPM treatments Discovered the EPM Horse web site and read about the new Oroquin-10 treatment and preventive option. Watched the Pathogenes webinar live.
9/15/2011 EPM symptoms documented Took pictures as a baseline of the issues with EPM that Isis was having
9/16/2011 Video comparison of Isis’ movement Posted several videos of Isis several months apart and then one from last summer. Clearly shows the degradation of her movement and muscling.
9/16/2011 EPM diagnosis confirmed Vet came out and confirmed Isis was having a relapse of EPM based upon clinical symptoms.
9/19/2011 Oroquin-10 and Pathogenes Posted links to the Pathogenes web site and information on the study (including the webinar that explains the meds, study process, and diagnosis tools used).
9/22/2011 Baseline pictures Baseline pictures taken a few days before Isis started the Oroquin. Even more muscle loss is apparent from the 9/15 pictures taken a week earlier.
9/24/2011 Oroquin-10 arrived Isis’ first day on study meds.
9/25/2011 Report after two day on study meds Isis seems to be dragging her toes a bit less but still has trouble.
9/29/2011 Comparison videos Isis showed major improvement in how she walks. The difference between toe dragging in the ring versus her paddock is marked.
10/1/2011 Comparison pictures Pictures of Isis from each angle, so they can be compared to earlier sets of images. She has regained some muscle tone and could trot when asked.
10/3/2011 Last day of Oroquin treatment Isis finished her last day of treatment.
10/4/2011 Video Video of Isis walking, showing better reach and freedom of movement. She’s not as stiff as she was in her hips and back.
10/8/2011 Video Video of Isis walking, showing how much she has improved. She was willing to walk out and really move. Amazing to see her do so well after such a short treatment time.
10/9/2011 Isis and Kasane playing This video of Isis and Kasane playing really shows how much better Isis was feeling. She’s trotting and playing and fully herself.
10/11/2011 Memorial post Post stating that Isis had died.
10/12/2011 And then she was goneā€¦ The final post with the blow-by-blow of what happened.
10/16/2011 Intro to EPM and picture comparison Pictures of Isis from May through October, and basic information about EPM, Oroquin-10, etc.
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