belly1.jpgIsis still has quite a bit of swelling on the incision site. I’m going to have the vet out to check it hopefully tomorrow or on Monday. Isis is sore, which I suppose is to be expected. When I place my hand near the incision site, she lifts her back leg to threaten a “don’t do that.”

She still seems to be eating the grain with the corn oil. Maybe this will work. I hope so.

It was so gorgeous today: clear blue skies and mild weather. Almost a little chilly. Perfect riding weather. I got to the barn with just enough time to throw a saddle on someone… I miss riding her. Rajiyyah’s training isn’t at the same level as Isis’ so it’s hard to just throw the saddle on her and go have fun. Maybe in a month or so she’ll be closer to doing that. Right now, she is still shying too much at “boogers” around the ring.

Maybe tomorrow I can get out to the barn earlier. To do that, I need to log off of here and go to bed so I can be at work at a reasonable time.

Kim (Ceffyl)

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