Tonight was a Horse Masters meeting tonight at the Occoneechee Steakhouse in Hillsborough, NC. The last meeting was also held there. Good food, pretty reasonable prices. One of the ladies in Horse Masters had called ahead and confirmed that the restaurant could handle a group of 20-25.

Meeting started at 7:00. Nice chatting with everyone. Everyone trickled in by about 7:15 or 7:30. There are some interesting upcoming seminars and a neat show in October. One session plan is to sponsor a workshop for getting used to unusual situations and noises — with the mounted police horse trainer. I can’t wait to get Isis here to participate in some of their activities!

I talked with some of the ladies about my riding accident with Isis and how she has tripped before. As much as you try to get over an accident like that, there is always a nagging worry in the back of your mind that she might trip again. It makes me question my riding, worry about confidence, and be very careful with her. The ladies completely understood (in fact one woman had dealt with a similar situation). One of the reasons they had started the Horse Masters group was to help each other gain enough confidence to ride more. I’ve found a great place. =)

One lady had a quilt made from old show ribbons. Really lovely. Some of the ribbons mentioned UT Equestrian Club. She not only knew some of the same people I did, but she lived on the same road as my Mom in TN! She also knew Sirdar and had shown at some of the same shows I had been to. Funny how that works.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was understaffed. It took an hour for us to get our drinks. Our food came over an hour later. I think I was actually eating by about 9:30 PM. Sigh. It was good food, but man I can’t say that I enjoyed waiting so long for my meal.

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