The Bay Wonder Mare is a marvel. The way she was today versus on Saturday is worlds different. She felt so much better. When I went into her stall, she was very talkative. She nickered when I put my hand on her forehead, like she does in the field when I greet her. She nickered again when my hand stroked near the halter clip — a sound she always makes when I take off her grazing muzzle.

She seemed much improved today. I was elated when I saw how much better her attitude was today — until the vet student mentioned that Isis has had digital pulses today. That’s not good. She was also shifting her weight from one foot to the other. It could be from discomfort. It made me leery. She shifted her feet like that last time she had laminitis. The shifting could be discomfort from the surgery or it could be something else. So we’re watching her.

So (finally) some good news. And some caution. Laminitis could be very bad, or mild, or not happen at all. Here’s hoping the “L” word doesn’t enter the picture at all.

Isis, Day 3

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