Tomorrow, the Grey Wonder Mare™ returns after a six year absence. I’m going to babysit her for a few months for my Mom, who is in the process of moving. I have Rajiyyah’s old bridle and halter (but not her bit, which Mom is bringing). My current dressage and all purpose saddles have been fitted to Kasane, so they won’t work on Rajiyyah. Mom is bringing my old Ashley and Clark all purpose saddle — which was the same saddle I used on Prize. How funny is that? Things truly come back some times.

It will be interesting to work with Rajiyyah again after all of these years. I have learned so much from the horse community here in NC. My riding has improved a lot and my horsemanship has too. A while back when I visited Mom, I took a riding lesson on Rajiyyah. The instructor, who also used to school Rajiyyah, said that Rajiyyah really seemed to like how I ride.

It will be interesting having the Grey Wonder Mare™ back. I’m so used to my Bay Wonder Mares™ I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a gray one out in the field.

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