I checked on Isis tonight. Good news is that apparently her grazing muzzle is staying on okay. The bad news is it’s really pissing her off that she can’t get the muzzle off any more.

I got back from vacation and went to the barn to see her before dark. Opened the stall door, and instead of whinnying at me, she turned her butt to me. Definitely a statement of how upset she was with the current conditions.

We went out to the ring, brushed her off, and free lunged for a few minutes. She knew exactly where I could and could not get after her so she decided to change directions in those places (without my asking). We had a talk about that and continued. She definitely seemed annoyed with me for not having been there for a week and using a new grazing muzzle.

She still played towards the end. She was really hyper and prancing around, playing. (Even in bad moods, she still enjoys being worked.) She snorted, curled her tail over her back, and when I stood still, she cantered next to me and stopped.

That’s my girl!

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