The vet said that Isis could indeed begin having grain again. She is allowed a cup of grain two to three times per day along with a quarter cup of corn oil morning and evening. I have my doubts whether Isis will actually eat the corn oil. She has objected before to things being in her grain. We will see. The corn oil is a high fat supplement that can help horses with insulin resistance gain weight. With an IR horse, you don’t want to add a lot of grain to their diet. Instead, you look for other ways to increase their calories without increasing the starch or sugars.

After a week on this regimen, she’ll be allowed to have 1 1/2 cups of grain 2-3 times per day with a third of a cup of corn oil twice per day. She can also go back on her regular hoof/coat anti-rainrot supplement (yay!).

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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