Isis had her first chiropractic adjustment tonight after several months without one. Around Thanksgiving she was out in the pasture with two other horses to see if she could be introduced into another herd. Things were fine until we added another mare — then the gelding and Isis and words. She kicked him in the side and he got her twice, once on her hip and then again on her hock. She deserved what she got, because she nailed him. She did have a cut on her hock which required having a vet out on a holiday weekend. It healed over pretty well, no scarring or anything.

I knew something had gotten out of whack on her hind end. She has been sore on her back even though I really haven’t been working her very often. She tended to look like one back stride was slightly shorter than the other. Lately I had assumed it was just the rain rot, which she periodically gets on her legs and back. It is back now. She has not had it this bad in several months. The rain rot is mostly cleared up, but her skin is still sensitive. (Interesting side note: the chiropracter said that circulations problems might cause skin problems. While Isis was regularly seen, her rain rot mostly cleared up. Now it’s back with a vengeance and she is stiff and sore. Poor kid.

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