My posts here have been reduced since Isis has been in NC. I’ve been out to the barn almost every day so I can work with her.

Most of her first week was spent lunging and getting her in shape. Her feet were long, so I had to wait until after her trim to work with her under saddle.

She was trimmed on Wednesday afternoon by the new farrier. He seems really good. He was patient with Isis and willing to explain how and why he trimmed her the way he did.

Thursday morning the vet came out and drew blood for a test for insulin resistance. Once the test results come in, we’ll know where Isis is as far as her metabolic condition. Isis is slightly under weight — a good thing for a horse who has been IR in the past. The vet didn’t think Isis would show that much on the test. The results will provide a good baseline, though.

The goal is to go to a horse show in October. So we’re on our way…

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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