A friend of mine emailed me this weekend about insulin resistance in horses. She has a new boarder with a horse with IR and wanted to learn more about managing this condition.

One of the best sources is the Equinc Cushings and Insulin Resistance web site (http://ecirhorse.com/), which summarizes the Yahoo Group with the same name. (See information below in the next paragraph). The IR treatment page is very good.

I have found a lot of information on IR in the Equine Cushings yahoo group (http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/EquineCushings/). Look in the files section in the Getting Started folder for an introduction to concepts and how to begin managing a horse with IR. The mailing list is high traffic with about 10k members. Searching the message archive is also a good source. The files section has information on what you can and can not feed an IR horse for commercially available feeds and supplements.

I hate to say it, but it is such a relief to not have to worry about a horse with insulin resistance. Isis was the most amazing horse I’ve ever had, but there were so many things we couldn’t do because of limitations from her condition. Some days it was so frustrating and made me so sad for her. We had what time we had and we did as much as we could do. I learned so much with her.

I miss her so much, my little 15 hand mare who was built like a warmblood and moved like a cloud across the ground.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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