After ages and ages, I finally rode Isis! Not much because she is still recovering from her tendon problem. The vet asked me to ride her for four weeks on a slowly increasing work load. The first week we walked undersaddle 15 minutes. We’re slowly building up to about 30 minutes this week. Next week, we’ll add a little trot (3 minutes). The following week we’ll double that trot time to 6 minutes.

I’ve been riding my gray gelding, Logan, since Isis had her laminitis/tendon episode back in April. Logan used to ride primarily Western, and is now being trained for hunt seat and dressage. He moves well, especially at the canter. He just needs some encouragement to move out at the walk and trot instead of using the slower Western gaits. Very smooth trot. Rolling, reaching canter. Solid flat-footed walk.

Riding Isis was a reminder in motion. She reaches with her shoulder at the walk and trot, although she is rather stiff at the canter. It was a shock to feel the motion of her walk not just as her should moves forward, but all the way along her back. She has so much more impulsion and drive than Logan does.

Oh it is good to be back on her!

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