It had been nearly two weeks since my last visit out to see the kids. I finally went out to see them on Sunday. Man, I had been going through withdrawal. It’s hard to explain what it is like. Visiting my horses has always been my sanity check, especially when I’m under a lot of stress. (And if I am not under stress my body seems to try to create enough stress… something about addicted to levels in the brain or something).

I was really too sick to go out to the barn still. Too sick to spend much time at least. It was so pretty out. Nice and warm. Not a cloud in the sky… So I bundled up and went into their field. Isis and Rajiyyah both nickered when they saw me. Isis lowered her head and butted me a few times, asking me to take the grazing muzzle off of her. (Of course once the muzzle was off she was focused on grazing.)

Rajiyyah was very sociable. She followed me around and was happy to have her ears and face scratched. She has been wearing a blue Hug turnout rug (by Rider International from Dover Saddlery). It fits her well — not easy to do on a dainty Arabian. She was wearing it and seemed warm and toasty under it. It’s a medium weight turnout rug. It is supposed to breathe and prevent the horse from sweating too much. It seems to be doing a very good job. The blanket still looks brand new, even though she has been wearing it for months. It helps that she doesn’t roll.

I left the kids in the field and picked out their feet. It felt so good to just be out with them. Isis still look ribby and still has a pot belly. I will be so glad when I can really get back to working her.

I really hated being sick during a week that was perfect riding weather.

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