The farrier came out today for Isis and Rajiyyah. The spots on Isis’ front feet are definitely looking better. Her feet are getting better and the funky fungal thing she had appears to be mostly gone. There is still a little of it in her front right hoof. I’m continuing the treatment and hopefully that will resolve everything. Rajiyyah’s feet look great.

The Bay Wonder Mare has been looking a little better. She has a huge hay belly but is still thin on her top line. In about 2-3 weeks she will be allowed back out to the big pasture. I’ll be really glad when she can be out with Rajiyyah on the hills and start building up her muscles.

It has been cold this week, too. I was halfway expecting Isis to need her blanket, so I brought it with me to the barn. Instead, Rajiyyah has needed it. Isis has been fine, sans fat pads. If it is going to get down in to the 30s or below, Rajiyyah has her blanket on. I’ve never had a horse that required blanketing in the winter. Poor thing sits and shivers miserably if she doesn’t have it on. I’m glad I invested in a good blanket last year. Lucky that Isis and Rajiyyah wear the same size.

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