Yesterday the farrier did Prize, Kasane, and Rajiyyah. Prize has a regular trim. Kasane and Rajiyyah both get front shoes. Rajiyyah is a pro at it, but this was Kasane’s third or fourth pair.

Before the farrier arrived, I gave Kasane some Quietex (contains L-Triptophan, think same mellowing agent in turkey). We went into the ring and lunged for about 20 minutes to help her work off any extra energy.

She was a little gem for the farrier. she stood like this was just nothing new. She periodically watched him and rested her chin on his back. Only on the last foot with the last nail or two did she have any problems. She was reaching the end of her patience and that was fine. I was really proud of her for being so good.

Even though she was so good, I discovered that my leg was really bothering me after standing around for so any hours. (I was at the barn for 7 hours.) After the farrier left, I was going to ride Rajiyyah, but was barely able to lunge her for a little bit before my calf starting hurting.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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