I have so much stuff to catch up on for June. Horse Masters Horse Camp was the weekend of June 16th and it was fantastic. Most of the month was spent getting ready for camp. Kasane and I were signed up for walk, trot, canter sessions — which meant she had to know how to canter before camp. Every available evening was spent at the barn working with Kasane and with Isis.

Camp was three days long with jumping and dressage lessons on each day. So, that’s three days of riding two hours each day. I managed to get my riding time up to almost 6 hours every week with both Isis and Kasane. I am proud to report that I came away from camp still able to walk and didn’t get too sore.

Three days of camping with a fantastic little mare. Camping is a misnomer because the facilities at Chatham Hall were fantastic. It’s a very ritzy girls’ school and it shows. The dorm was amazing and the horse facilities were great.

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Our first day, Kasane was bouncy and happy to be out. She figure out how to use the automatic waterer. We did ground work with Sylvana before our 9:00 ride with Tish over fences. We rode again at 1:00 with Bailey for dressage. After our first day, Kasane was very tired out.

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We had some of our best rides ever at camp. I was incredibly pleased with Kasane’s progress. I came to camp with a hunter pony and went home with a dressage horse.

More to come…

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