I have pictures of Isis all over my cube. Her face is the background on my cell phone. I carry several hundred megabytes worth of pictures of her every where I go on my MP3 player. It is almost impossible to express how much I miss her. It’s like having your sanity in another state…

Missing her is part of why the house not selling has been hitting me so hard. All I want is to have everything settled so I can have her here and the house sold. So the Tennessee chapter has closure instead of being in-between. I’m trying really hard to have a good attitude about the house selling but I just want my kid here (when I have the budget to properly get her here, not when I’m financially strapped because of paying mortgage and rent).

I made the mistake once of brining a horse from Tennessee to North Carolina when I didn’t have the budget to support her. I lost my mare because of it. (I’m not going in to details here because it was the most soul-wrenching thing I’ve ever had to do. I might write it up some time, but not now when the memories of those last days with Prize are still present.) I’m not repeating that mistake.

House please sell. Please please please.

Motivated seller, indeed.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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