Equine insurance is almost as much fun as people insurance. Almost, but not quite. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very glad I have insurance on Kasane. When Isis needed colic surgery, the only way I was able to afford it was because of the insurance.

Here’s the catch: Once you make a claim for an issue like lameness, for example, there will be an exclusion on the policy the following year stating that any lameness on that leg will not be covered. By the end of her coverage years, Isis had exclusions for any claims related to laminitis, tendonitis on the front right, gastro-intestinal issues, etc. Basically if she injured her neck, that would have been covered — once. The riders were on her policy the entire time I had her. None of the exclusions were ever removed. It was like collecting badges or something.

Kasane has two exclusions, one for an old injury from when she was 2 and another from last year’s stifle injury. I was getting a quote from a second insurance company (hoping to get some of the exclusions removed) and really thought that the stifle injury was years ago because it feels like it’s been that long. Nope. This time last year, Kasane was lame.

Even if I change insurance companies, the exclusions will probably still be there. What I’m hoping is that in a year or two the exclusions will be able to be removed. On my old policies, no exclusions were ever removed. That gets frustrating when a one-time lameness on the back right fetlock (ankle) means that any claims made against that entire back right leg related to lameness will not be covered.

I can’t believe it’s only been a year since Kasane had those issues. We have come so far in our riding this year, last year felt like ages and ages ago.

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