Pathogenes, a company in Florida specializing in treatments and diagnostic tools for EPM, is sponsoring a study of Oroquin-10, a new treatment for EPM. It’s not a double-blind study, however the company, Pathogenes, has a protocol they are asking owners to follow. Here are the links I sent my vet for the clinical trial for Oroquin-10. It has both treatment and preventive dosing options.

According to the EPM Horse web site, the Oroquin-10 trial

This field drug trial opened in May 2011. An in-vitro efficacy study has been completed for EPM, and a safety trial in horses. It is a ten-day dose of oral paste medication. An antibody test is required before and after the medication. Your vet has to fill out and submit the forms. A prescription will be sent to your veterinarian. There is no cost to enter the trial, the antibody blood tests total $78 (plus 2-day shipping) and the drug is about $150. As of August, 2011, 150 horses have been treated with no adverse effects. 94% are significantly better – more than one grade on the Mayhew scale.”

Additional information on the Oroquin-10 treatment:

The vet at Pathogenes was happy to talk to my vet about how Oroquin-10 can be used in a mare like Isis who has insulin resistance. The study meds are compounded at Franck’s Pharmacy. While I’m upset that Isis has EPM (again!), this study will offer a good opportunity to try a shorter treatment — and give my vet experience with the meds. Maybe this will help other horses who have EPM.

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Diana Vincent · September 1, 2012 at 07:10

Can someone tell me how much a treatment of Oroquin-10 costs from the lab for a vet?

    Ceffyl Aedui · September 5, 2012 at 11:29

    Hi, Diana.

    I found out about Oroquin-10 through the site EPM Horse, where the cost was estimated to be about $150 for treatment. If I remember correctly, that is about what my cost was too (plus the cost for the ELISA titers). My vet worked with the people at Pathogenes, so I never contacted Pathogenes directly.

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