Isis hauled beautifully and did very well. She has settled in and seems to be adjusting. She has her own stall and her own turn out paddock. She is up during the day and out at night.

I discovered tonight that she doesn’t like the new water. She has been at a barn with city water for the past 10 years (prior to that she drank well water). She will drink water but ends up taking a few sips and stopping. She doesn’t seem to like the taste. (Discovered after thoroughly scrubbing out the rubber buckets, replacing all water, and then using a plastic bucket in case the rubber buckets had a funky after taste.)

I had some water from the old barn and gave her that tonight. She drank one full bucket and then downed most of another mixed half and half with the well water. We had a lot of rain so the water troughs are mostly full of rain water. She drank a good long while when she was turned out. She did get enough water tonight. (Unfortunately, I can’t keep her on pasture full time because of the insulin resistance.)

I’ve done an experiment: water with some electrolytes to hide the taste of the well water. Tomorrow we’re going to put water from the trough in one water bucket and electrolytes in well water in the other bucket.

I have a Brita pitcher I’m going to take to the barn to try filtering some water to help her adjust. Luckily the new barn owner is willing to filter some water if it will help Isis.

I thought about putting electrolytes in her food — but last time I did that she didn’t eat her food (she hates powdered supplements).

I’m at a loss to try and figure out what else to try. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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