Breezy’s first saddle was a Passier Compact. It was very comfortable, but she outgrew it over the winter. I took the saddle on trial for a weekend knowing I’d be able to return it if it didn’t fit. So our first ride was in the Passier Compact. The trial was over three rides, number three is in the video below.

That winter we barely had any rides because of the weather. Everything was constantly wet, frozen, or muddy. Time to get on her in the spring, and low, she had outgrown the Passier. It was too narrow for her.

Breezy had a baby ride in the Dynamic Dressage saddle in April or May 2019. That was the first time she had trotted under saddle. At the time, we were lucky to get her to take a step forward. But she did and eventually she learned how to trot for me as well.

And now, one year after that, she is learning about impulsion, relaxation, and shoulder-in.

It feels like Breezy is taking off in our riding. Our gift to Kasane is catching up to where she was and doing it in her memory. My big transition in riding Breezy came when I started riding her as if she was Kasane, instead of expecting her to behave like a green horse.

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