I’ve been trying to ride my mares more often. Today was a 2.5 hour trail ride on Prize. We baby sat my friend’s four year old gelding. He’s been ridden about the same number of times as Kasane, although is training is farther along.

Here is Sylvana riding Renegade:

We got back from the trail ride, and I tacked up Kasane. My friend was in the ring with me and offered to take some video and pictures of the Bay Wonder Mare Junior. It’s rather disjointed footage but it shows two things: her responding to my seat and legs for gait changes instead of relying on reins. This is only the third time we’ve trotted in the ring, maybe the fifth time I’ve asked her to trot. Ever. She knows the cues and the voice commands. (For comparison, it took me about 10 times to get Isis to trot by understanding what I was asking, as opposed to tricking her into trotting.)

I was really tickled with her today.

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