I ordered a new blanket from Dover Saddlery for Isis in case the weather in NC turns nasty (think winter ice storms). I wanted something that was water proof and could adjust to different temperatures. After reading through a bunch of pages from the regular catalog and from the clearance pages, I ordered a Tuff Rider Stretch Manager Turnout Blanket. According to the catalog page, this clearance item has a stretchy layer so it moves with the horse and the thermal liner adjusts and breathes so the horse won’t get too hot. Sounded perfect.

Susan, the barn owner, ordered a blanket at the same time I did. She ordered a Riders International Stretch blanket.

When my order arrived, the blanket turned out to be a sheet. The product numbers on the Dover web site indicated a turnout blanket, the number on the order form had the same product number, but the product tag on the sheet itself said turnout sheet (and listed the same product number as the blanket). The sheet is really nice and fits Isis well. I’m quite happy with it, but it’s not what I ordered.

I contacted Dover today to ask about correcting this mess. I’d like to keep the sheet and have a blanket shipped to me — but only if they correct the $30+ price difference for the sheet versus blanket.

Arg. What a mess.

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