So the Mare in the Post-Apocalyptic Equine Wear(™ to

) is actually quite pretty out of her fly mask and grazing muzzle. I’ve had Isis since she was a baby. Her grandmother was my Mom’s first Arabian mare. There is a lot of history in her bloodlines, history I was part of.


I have almost lost her several times. The worst time was when she had colic surgery due to a strangulating lipoma, a benign fatty tumor suspended by a stalk in her abdomen and had wrapped around 60% of her small intestines. No one had been optimistic after her colic surgery. Five or six days in intensive care, a secondary colic, no motility in her small intestines until five days after surgery, and a history of laminitis. The odds had not been in her favor.

That is one of the reasons she earned the nickname of the Miracle Mare.

A few weeks ago that was really brought home when another mare I know died from tortion colic caused by a lipoma. Within a few weeks, I had two vets tell me that Isis had been very lucky — most horses don’t survive a lipoma because of the sudden onset and little time to get to an equine hospital.

Isis collage 1

Ever hear an Arabian snort? When they are excited, Arabians flag their tail (carry it almost straight up) and make snorting noises. In this video, you can see Isis prancing around and snorting.

(The full size video is also available (64 MB AVI file).)

She now has arthritis. We’re working on treatment for that. Hopefully we’ll have it managed by July…

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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