I spent this evening at the barn after an intensely stressful week of deadlines and conflicting priorities. So I went out and played with my girl.

She was still in the barn when I got there. She yelled when she saw me. It’s been in the mid-70s, so beautiful weather and 20 degrees cooler than last week. She was up when I lead her out to the arena. I let her go when we got to the gate and she took off and cantered and galloped the length of the ring. She had so much fun. Tail up, nickering at the other horses, strutting and zoom! Off she’d go. She did that for five minutes before it felt like she was ready to work.

We free lunged walk and trot in a circle (about the same width as a lunge line). I knew she was ready to ride when we were able to do serpentines down the length of the ring free lunging. 🙂

After that, we tacked up and rode for a little while. We did walk, trot, canter (walk to canter for the first time too).

So much joy in just being around her.

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