Isis hates needles. She despises spring vaccinations and has let her displeasure be known through body-slamming me into the walls. With her powerful neck set, she pushes me out of the way to move away from that nasty thing poking her.

One vet I had tried twitching her with a chain and rope. I was not happy. The second time he came out, she smelled him enter the barn (ode de vet?) and her neck tensed. He wasn’t asked back.

This afternoon my current vet came out for spring vaccinations. She arrived with her entourage of vet school students who diligently did the coggins and vaccinations for the other horses. When it came time for Isis, my vet said, “Oh, I’m doing her.” I explained to the students that Isis can be a handful and requires someone giving her a vaccine who is quick and sure of what they are doing.

Grabbing a handful of treats, we went into Isis stall and gave her three vaccines and pulled blood for a coggins. She stood perfectly still the entire time! She didn’t flinch! I was so proud of her.

I think that was the first time she had stood perfectly still during her vaccinations. My vet is never allowed to retire if she can give my mare shots like this.

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