Isis Bint Sirdar

Isis, like her sire, is very intelligent. She tasted the bute (horse aspirin) in her grain and refused to eat it. Even crumbling treats into the grain didn’t tempt her. She picked them out and left the grain.

We had another trick up our sleeves! The barn manager quartered an apple and inserted small pieces of a bute tablet into each section. Isis ate the first one, then spit out the a piece. The fine skin around her eyes wrinkled: she knew something was up. She ate the next piece, but then spit out half of it. She set her lips against the other two apple segments as effeciently as a child firmly refusing to take cherry cough syrup.

Funny to see your horse with the same stubborn expression I have some days. We’re quite a pair. Takes a stubborn person to work with a stubborn horse and not get too frustrated.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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