Good news at last! The vet said that the last time Isis was tubed this morning she had about half of the amount of fluid she had the day before. She also passed some manure (very positive). So overall medically today she looks better than she did yesterday. She has some swelling on her incision, which might mean a low-grade infection. She started her on antibioitic, which is administered as a paste through her rectum. (Poor kid.)

Maybe she is finally starting to get some motility back in her small intestines? The vet said he would know more after she is tubed again at 2:00. Here’s hoping!

I want to hope so much. The odds seem stacked against her from everything that she has been through, and yet she is still fighting. She’s depressed, yes, but look at everything she’s been through. She’s also off food and only on IV fluids for nutrition.

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