I emailed Deepeeka about their saddle. They are incredibly cheap (for a saddle, at least) — under $200 US. However, you have to order at least two. So very tempted! My coauthor suggested doing more research and sent me some good links to consider. I could end up with an expensive display piece. (Although I suppose that is what my side saddle is — it doesn’t fit my mare but it sure is purty.)

The Roman Army Talk forum has several great discussions on Roman cavalry saddles, including modern reconstructions. Here are links to several of these pages:

The forums above also suggested checking out The Saddlers Den, a saddler who specializes in equipment for Roman reenactors.

The Taifali Cavalry Unit has a Web page discussing their kit and experiences with it.

I’ll repost the pictures I took of the Deepeeka Roman Saddle (click the link to view a picture) in 2004.

Update: Pictures of the saddle and chariot are available.

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