Last night after work, I went out to the barn to worm the girls and check on how they are doing. Rajiyyah’s leg looks so much better! The girls are day on turnout so I finally got to see Rajiyyah’s leg after she was out for a while. Swelling was minimal, which is a great improvement. She was also moving with out her usual limp! Wonderful news. The only thing different is that I’ve been using the arnica-based gel on her leg and DMSO (not at the same time). The DMSO is supposed to help break up the lump that has grown in where the cut was.

I spoke with the vet earlier this week. She said that Rajiyyah’s leg definitely sounds like it’s improving, but there probably was some tendon damage. Recouperation should go slow — light lunging for two months before getting back on her. Since Mom has bought the farm in Maryland, I’ll be shipping Rajiyyah to her before the end of the year. So right about the time I’d be able to get back on Rajiyyah, she’ll be in Maryland.

My knee was acting up again last night. I put my legs up in bed and stayed off of it for as long as I could. I think sitting in the kneeling chair is okay, but not when I’m spenging 8-9 hours at work and then an additional 5-8 when I get home. I’m trying to make a point to get away from the computer and do something else — knitting or reading — that doesn’t require me to be standing or bend my knees. Helped last night. My knee definitely feels better today. (Of course, being off of the glucosamine for a few days doesn’t help either. I’m back on it.)

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