Okay, so it’s my birthday today. My sister is due here with her family in about 36 hours. I’ve been spending most of my evenings getting things around the house finished. The back door locke have been repaired (finally), vaccuuming is done, front yard is weeded and mowed: lots of little things. The type of things you’d do when the first family members visit your house. To me, it feels rather like getting the house ready to put on the market.

The last major task was to paint the second bedroom. It’s been taped since last September. I have avoided doing anything in there since the floor flooded and the shelving in the closet collapsed. It just seemed like way too much work to take on. A friend of mine agreed to come over and help me paint, so I figured I’d spend Friday evening getting the closet shelving fixed so the last few things could be safely moved out in preparation for painting.

What could possibly happen now that would spoil things? Of course the closet shelving in the master bedroom collapsed. Twelve feet of shelving. About 2:30 this mornig, the shelving just gave way. The booger I bought the house from didn’t secure the closet wracks with enough braces nor were they secured with toggle bolts, only drywall screws in some cases. It was a mess.

I was pissed. I called my Mom. Griped. Bitched. Seemed better than throwing things. She suggested I go to bed. I was too wound. I removed all of the clothes from my closet and piled them whereever there was available space. I went out to to Wal Mart to examine closet organizer options (not much there). Decided to wait until my friend came out in the morning.

Way too wound to sleep even after all of that. I finished the smaller closet. Took everything out, organized it, replaced the existing (collapsed) closet pole with storage shelving. Unpacked 8 boxes. Reordered and reshuffled everything.

So now my poor friend is going to get innundated. Instead of painting, I’m going to see how handy she is with a drill…

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