Okay, first the good news. The package I thought had been Banff’ed was actually sent to the dead letter center in Atlanta. That was one MAJOR screw up on the part of the post office. I went to the post office when the letter was supposedly still in the building. I was told (at the time) that the letter had been shipped back to Canada. Apparently, it was still in the building and was sent to Atlanta to the letter graveyard. I told my package woes to my regular carrier, who had been on vacation at the time when the package was initially delivered to my house. This time he had the package retrieved from Atlanta. By chance, I had checked the USPS tracking site to see where it was — and it showed the package had been delivered to Knoxville last Friday. Booked it to the post office, and about 20 minutes later had the package. Crazy. But good news.

I got home from the post office in a rush to meet a friend to go tile shopping. (I had to pick out tile, vinyl, a vanity/sink combo, and moulding tonight so the cleaning crew/carpenters could finish their work tomorrow.) I got home and found my washer and dryer out on my front yard covered in plastic. My deadbolt also wasn’t locked. The fish fountains were turned off. Grr.

I don’t have many nice things, but I did invest in a top-of-the-line clothes washer. And it was on my front porch where anyone could wheel it away. I could have sworn that I told the carpenter this morning to put the washer and dryer in the living room. A quick call there, and he agreed to come back out and put the washer and dryer in my living room. Very reasonable guy and was willing to work with me. I apologized for being a little snappy and explained the day had not been going well.

So from all of the fiascos I did get some good information. Apparently, if I found a .98/sq. ft. tile at Lowes I could replace the vinyl in hallway and foyer with tile. Oh yeah, I’m all about that! Much better than vinyl. So I kidnapped a friend and we went to Lowes. Found a nice vanity to replace the plain white one in the bathroom, a new faucet, and a nice warm ceramic tile. I’ll post pictures of all of the stuff tomorrow. I think it will look great. =)

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