I was searching on YouTube for the latest episode of Doctor Who, called “42.” I have been anxiously awaiting this new episode. Sometime this season Captain Jack Harkness apparently comes back. It’s been two weeks since the last episode aired on BBC. Withdrawl! (Yes, I have been a Doctor Who fan all of my life. I admit it freely. I’ve attended conventions to hear Tom Baker and Colin Baker speak (Doctors #4 and #6 respectively). I’ve even been knitting a Doctor Who scarf.

The episode prior to the one that aired on Saturday was availble a few days later on YouTube. So when I cam home from the barn tonight I was excited: maybe I could find “42” on YouTube. No luck. However, the searching around on YouTube provided a link to a UK site that lists low resolution versions of most of the season 1, 2, and 3 episodes:

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