As much as I love my parents, there is only so long I can stay there without being in the way. One extra person might not be so bad — but there are three of us staying in the house right now. We’ve taken over almost every spare room. Some times things just coincide like this. It definitely makes it harder on the household — especially when one of us comes with three cats.

So I did my budget and it looks like I can just barely afford to rent a place and continue paying the mortgage on the house in Tennessee. With any luck, the house will sell in a few months so I won’t have to seriousy consider renting the property.

It’s a scary proposition taking on this much financial load. There is very little room for error in the budget and that is not comforting. I can do it for a month or two or three… but not for six months or more.

There have been so few viewings of the house the past two months. February was great — 8-10 viewings but still no offer. My real estate agent and I lowered the price on the house to see what happens… That was only April 1. I know I need to be patient, but it’s getting old. Just the way the housing market is right now. Not much else I can do.

My biggest worry about renting my own place before the house sells? I can’t afford to bring Isis here until the house does sell. The board will be more expensive and that will blow the budget. Sigh.

Damn but I miss my kid. I feel like I’ve lost my sanity with her in another state…

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