• Stella, the 21 year old cat, is playing Guild Wars with me. She plays with the characters on screen as they move around. #
  • Heat index is 111F (~44C). Not going out. #
  • Very hot today with a heat index of 108F (~42C). Spa day for the horses! Three bathed happy horses in the dirt rolling. #
  • Reread Patricia McKillip's Riddle-Master of Hed series. Wonderful descriptions of the connection to the land. #
  • Having a Mom with many years' experience as an editor is an awesome resource. 🙂 Thanks Mom! #
  • Okay, so answer to the definition list: Bullet / term / em dash / definition / period. No ; at the end and no en dash between term and def. #
  • Bulleted list with run-in heads and explanations after. Should the run-in heads have en or em dash or a period and then the explanation? #
  • Really amazing pen, especially if you take lots of notes (like me). // Livescribe Echo Smartpen Review http://bit.ly/bthgSt #
  • Words to live by: advice from 34 science fiction/fantasy authors http://bit.ly/bFWxV0 #
  • Just got several high priority, high pressure projects due ASAP. Several docs and web sites to edit. Content migration. LOVE it. Bring it! #
  • Why Photography Bullying is Illegal, and You Don't Have to Take It http://bit.ly/9e1Ahh #
  • Humans' treatment of other animals shaped our evolution http://bit.ly/ckXHUt #
  • RT @archaeologynews: (Topix) Bypass reveals more Roman life http://bit.ly/dtWMcs #
  • RT @sarahokeefe: RT @larry_kunz: Let me be the twirst to feet in honor of Spoonerism Day http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoonerism #
  • How important is the craft of writing in the field of technical writing? Do you focus solely on tech or do you update your writing skills? #
  • Why doesn't someone combine a sonic screwdriver with a Livescribe smart pen? Seems blissful to me. 🙂 #
  • All the problems with late-1970s Doctor Who, in one short video! http://bit.ly/94bATH #
  • Sonic screwdrivers, Star Trek posters, Firefly statues — a mountain of awesome new collectibles! http://bit.ly/8ZUlXX #
  • I'll take Charlaine Harris over Stephanie Meyers' writing any day. However, they can't touch writers who are artists like Judith Tarr. #
  • I'm not crazy about Charlaine Harris' writing. I prefer writing where the characters seem real (instead of finding them annoying). #
  • Listening to a True Blood pod cast (EricNorthmanNet). Very well done. Pleasure to listen to their analyses of episodes. #
  • Interesting article: God's Wife of Amun, http://tinyurl.com/39nmdmm #
  • (Egyptology) The God's Wives of Amun http://bit.ly/bKWPI5 (via @archaeologynews) in reply to archaeologynews #
  • Damn. Friend of mine is in the hospital… talk to y'all later. #
  • 11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress.. http://digg.com/d31XLFH #
  • (via lifehacker) Book Writing Advice for Nerds http://bit.ly/aGSaCh #
  • My mare is learning how to free lunge in the big ring. She thinks it means trot around me, go to the gate, and then trot around me again. #
  • So cute! // Six-inch-long, goggle-eyed primate photographed for the first time http://bit.ly/aVD6HR #
  • RT @bookviewcafe: Today's Special from Judith Tarr: – new chapter in Ars Magica – read it for free at http://www.bookviewcafe.com/ in reply to bookviewcafe #

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