• I gave away my size 14s. Finally going to go buy "real" clothes in a size 6. Yay! (happy dance) #
  • Oh look. More rain. #
  • Pretty. Precious. Want. // Dell M11xR2 Review: The World's Smallest Gaming Laptop Goes i7 http://bit.ly/aOepRP #
  • Funny how when you take a writing class suddenly friends want you to critique manuscripts… Where did I put that fiction hat? #
  • Getting back into dance. Yay! Choreography, how I've missed you… #
  • According to I Write Like, my writing is similar to either Steven King or James Joyce. #
  • Which famous writer do you write like? Statistical analysis tool explains it all: http://iwl.me/ #
  • Off to meet the large animal vet for Isis. I hope this will be something straight forward. #
  • Kiesha's test results came back positive. She has thyroid issues. Kitty will be on meds the rest of her life. #
  • RT @dontcallmedom: A major difference between security breach and privacy invasion is that the latter is socially accepted #w3privacy in reply to dontcallmedom #
  • RT @alanjporter: Admiral Kirk, The Wrath of Khan & what they mean to the new frontier eBooks http://tinyurl.com/25z3crv (via @sarahokeefe) #
  • RT @archaeologynews: (Egyptology) The rise, zenith and fall of writing systems http://bit.ly/at0eIUĀ  #
  • Woohoo! // Season 4 premiere of The Guild available online at midnight TONIGHT! #theguild (via @seanbecker) (via @feliciaday) #
  • Can't go wrong with bagpipes, drums, and carnyxs (and other historical instruments). #corvuscorax #
  • Music to write by: Corvus Corax playing Fili Neidhardi: http://youtu.be/GEuwGlIhx7Q #
  • RT @TelegraphNews Weight Watchers really does work, scientists claim – Telegraph http://bit.ly/9Xzpym // Works for me! #
  • RT @TelegraphNews Historians locate King Arthur's Round Table – Telegraph http://bit.ly/aFksKc #
  • When using a wiki for tech docs, do you represent commands in bold face? What style od you follow? #techcomm #
  • RT @dancinghorse New Horseblog @https://twitter.com/bookviewcafe: Coevolution http://bit.ly/b46Ax0 in reply to dancinghorse #

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