• Wanted to ride today but was only able to get grain and hose off the horses. Hopefully tomorrow. #
  • Headaches suck. Massively. Hope this sinus front clears out. #
  • Anyone else out there using #Glass (see http://writeonglass.com) Would like to add some contacts… #
  • Horsemasters = Pony Club for adults. Great fun. Crazy people of all ages who are into serious fun with their horses. #
  • Good night all. I'm off to Horsemasters. #
  • Crud. I just wrote a nice article on CARP. Went to save it and my login had timed out of the wiki. Lost all of it. Time to go home. #
  • I so want to choreograph a dance to this song. #
  • Listening to "I Shall be Free" by Kid Beyond (Amplivate album). You can hear the song on his web site: http://kidbeyond.com/ #
  • Woohoo! Down 25 pounds. 🙂 #
  • Adobe ad directly targets Apple, launches today.. http://digg.com/d31Qzta #
  • Archeologists May Be Closing in on Cleopatra's Tomb.. http://digg.com/d31QxU3 #
  • RT @archaeologynews: Mapping an ancient civilization in days using Laser technologyhttp://bit.ly/bu5rLF #
  • Three "Simple" Ways to Become a Chrononaut – time .. http://digg.com/d31Qw86 #
  • Rode Prize today. She was really up. Cantered and hand gallopped with a "whee!" Kind of happy. #
  • Is Fan Fiction Really So Wrong? – fan fiction – io9.. http://digg.com/d31QnSk #
  • Cramps be damned. I'm going to the barn and going riding. #
  • Facebook's Gone Rogue; It's Time for an Open Alternative.. http://digg.com/d31QWTg #
  • Stephen Hawking: How to Build a Time Machine.. http://digg.com/d31Q0Jt #
  • Back from Mom's after Mother's Day. Had a nice visit with her and my aunt and uncle. #

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