• Have moved into new apartment. Have box city to unpack. Am rebelling and watching Time of Angels. #
  • Stuff is moved. Now it is time to clean my old place…Arg. All I want to do is go to the barn… #
  • Got the keys to the new place. Now the fun begins… #
  • RT @svgeesus: Leaked Copyright Treaty and Net Freedom: http://bit.ly/8XuCi7 via @thetyee #
  • http://twitpic.com/1hqycf – The pile of stuff to move… #
  • I think things are mostly packed. Bathroom curtain tomorrow. And that is it. I am beat. #
  • Have help for tomorrow! Yay! Having an uncle and aunt nearby rules. 🙂 #
  • RT @dancinghorse: The Writing Mentor is having a sale! http://dancinghorse.livejournal.com/276993.html #
  • Anyone tried a Micklem bitless bridle? (Different design than Dr. Cook's bitless bridle.) Mine just arrived. Looks very interesting. #
  • You know you are a writer when every grammar or punctuation error makes you reach for a red pen. #
  • Moving tomorrow. Small panic attacks ensue. #
  • Score! Found two Caitlinn Brennan novels in the used book store. Now have to buy the rest. 🙂 #
  • Tomorrow is the Big Moving Day. Down three flights, over four buildings, up three flights to larger apartment. #
  • Doctor Who slays St George | Adam Rutherford.. http://digg.com/d31P6Au #
  • That is so crass of thden to do that. #
  • I love moving. No, really. It's my favorite thing in all the world to do. Right up there with lemon juice in a paper cut. #
  • Packing is 90% done. Just have to finish up the bathroom and the electronics. Yikes. Electronics will take most of an evening. #
  • Must pack. Sigh. Want to write. Characters are restless but moving can't wait. Getting scenes and images for story. #
  • Causing trouble. Refusing to give the cable company my social security number. I've had an account for two years. Why do they need it now? #
  • Companies that use SS# as identification annoy me. If they have the last 4 of the SS#, why do I have to give the info again? #
  • Did lots of research on cybersquatting today. Will write it up when I get home. Interesting topic. Pain in the ass to deal with. #
  • Cybersquatting 101 lessons today. Wow. More stuff out there. Why do people try to profit from other people's brands? Grr. #
  • RT @EPWohlfart Roman remains ("could be temple") found in Nottinghamshire: http://bit.ly/bcBzMo in reply to EPWohlfart #
  • Need help writing/editing? Hire a top writer. RT @dancinghorse: The Writing Mentor has a sale (with bonus Lipizzans): http://shar.es/mvj0Z #
  • DOJ abandons warrantless attempt to read Yahoo e-mail.. http://digg.com/d31Oft1 #
  • RT @djuggler: RT @CommConcierge: Facebook cited as a contributing factor in one out of every five divorces: http://bit.ly/8L60g5 #
  • Pandora handheld looking less like vaporware .. http://digg.com/d31Or4g #
  • Had two great rides over the weekend. Want to ride today but have to pack. Moving sucks. #
  • Six hours of meetings today. Arg. #
  • RT @bookviewcafe Today's Special from Judith Tarr: – new chapter in Ars Magica – read it for free at http://www.bookviewcafe.com/ in reply to bookviewcafe #
  • Had an excellent ride today: got my sitting trot back and had a lot of fun. #
  • Hannibal’s real Alpine trunk road to Rome is revealed – Times Online: http://bit.ly/9Op1rH via @addthis (via @svgeesus) #
  • Had a great lesson on Isis today. After feeling like sitting trot skill was gone last week, it was back on a horse with a balloon-like trot. #

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