This week has been a study in opposites. Isis is a more mature, mellow mare whose Egyptian and Crabbet bloodlines mean that she has the looks with a lot of common sense. Rajiyyah is a straight Egyptian, so she has lots of looks and not as much common sense. She is a sweet, intelligent horse who will listen when you say it’s all right. She is very spirited but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Isis is glad to be home and has been making steady progress. The rainrot is starting to disappear. The swelling on her neck is slowly disappearing. Her incision looks good. No heat, although there is still some swelling. Last night I took her for a walk and graze on the road (the “runway”) between the back pastures. It’s a good little walk up a slow incline with tasty mowed grass (lots of clover). Isis immediately headed towards the runway and we were off up the hill. Rajiyyah heard Isis and charged down the hill to walk and trot along the fenceline where Isis was grazing. When the other horses in an adjoining pasture cantered up, Rajiyyah took off with her tail over her back just prancing and playing. Isis kept grazing. Rajiyyah bolted around,kicked up her heels, reared, and came back next to Isis by the fence. Snorted. Isis kept grazing. Rajiyyah raced around some more. Isis kept grazing. Finally, Rajiyyah stopped and stomped her leg and whinnied. Without seeming to notice Rajiyyay, Isis walked farther up the runway and kept grazing.

Silly kids.

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